Duncan Astbury, landscape and fine art photography in Scotland

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Work In Progress

At any given time I will usually have a number of different projects on the go. Some of these will be follow ups to previous work while others will develop new subjects and themes. Some will naturally die away while others may go on to make up portfolio sets.

blog Blog Astbury's Adventures in Photography, A miscellany of photography with digital, analogue and alternative processes with plenty of notes on what I've been doing.

photos Alamy Portfolio of stock images, A collection of images that can be licensed for a variety of uses.


Still Awaiting the Rapture: This is a follow on to the original Awaiting the Rapture work.

Some examples can be seen on Flickr.

work in progress image


Four Oaks Fringe: This work is envisaged to be documentary in nature, exploring the outer edges of my immediate area. That which is found, peripheral or unconventional.

Some experimental images for this work can be seen on Flickr.

work in progress image


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