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Wax War Wane

An evanescence of warfare in the Scottish landscape

When exploring the Scottish landscape it becomes quickly evident that much of it has been altered to fit in with a variety of requirements, anything from agriculture through to tourism. One of the more unique requirements is to support the nation at times of conflict. During the twentieth century we find many structures were scattered through the landscape to support the defence requirements of two World Wars; anti-tank blocks, pillboxes, gun emplacements, camps and depots, searchlight emplacements and decoy sites etc.

Typically many of these sites have simply been left to the elements and slowly deteriorate over the ensuing decades, hence 'an evanescence of warfare in the Scottish landscape'. The term evanesce is to disappear gradually, fade away, dissipate, dissolve or disappear like vapour. However the World Wars are far from being our only conflicts and so what we actually find in our landscape are a series of building phases that continue in an ongoing cycle. From this we have structures in varying states of evanescence.

NB Prints available to purchase in open edition, A4 size, printed giclee on Hahnemühle German Etching, please contact for further details.
Original portfolio prints and larger sizes are limited edition and will only be available during exhibitions.

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